Adtoox technical specification for commercials delivered as files

Europe - Sweden

Media format: TV/Online - High definition HD

File format: QuickTime (convert with Adtoox Upload Application)


  1. Prerequisites for conversion
  2. Layout of input media
  3. File format of input media
  4. Video
  5. Audio
  6. Quality
  7. Length of commercials

1. Prerequisites for conversion


2. Layout of input media

The commercial shall start on the first frame and end on the last frame. No colourbars, clock/identifier and/or black sequence needed prior or post the commercial.

3. File format of input media

File format QuickTime (.mov file)
Supported video codecs
Supported audio codecs
  • Uncompressed linear PCM, little endian
  • Uncompressed linear PCM, big endian
Supported audio sample sizes
  • 24 bit
  • 16 bit

4. Video

Definition High definition (HD)
Frame size 1920x1080, all pixels containing active video (full-frame)
Aspect ratio 16:9
Accepted scan modes
  • Interlaced, top field first
  • Progressive
Frame rate 25 frames per second
Colourimetry ITU-R Recommendation BT.709-5
Levels Shall follow EBU Technical Recommendation R103-2000:
Luma component level limits: -1 – 103%
RGB component level limits: -5 – 105%
0-100% corresponds to 0-700 mV and 16-235 decimal.

No letterbox effects, i.e. horizontal lines containing black above and/or below picture content, are allowed.
No pillarbox effects, i.e. vertical lines containing black left and/or right of picture content, are allowed.
The video shall comply with Ofcom Guidance Note for Licensees on Flashing Images and Regular Patterns in Television (Ofcom Code December 2009). This applies primarily to broadcasters that broadcast from UK and thus fall under Ofcom / BCAP.
Different broadcasters may handle the above requirements differently. For more information on how these rules are applied by each broadcaster, please contact the broadcaster’s sales department.

5. Audio

Format Mono-compatible stereo
Audio channel 1 Stereo left track
Audio channel 2 Stereo right track
Sample rate 48 kHz

Dual mono (identical stereo channels) is only accepted after prior agreement with the Broadcaster's sales department.

The audio shall be in lip sync with the picture content.

Audio levels

Maximum true peak -1.0 dBTP
R128 loudness
Integrated loudness (I): -23.0 LUFS ± 0.5 LU
Maximum short-term loudness (S): Not applicable
Maximum momentary loudness (M): Not applicable
Maximum loudness range (LRA): Not applicable
True peak: ITU-R Recommendation BS.1770-3
R128 loudness: EBU Technical Recommendation R128-2011

The Broadcaster reserves the right to change the commercial's audio level to match it to other programme material.

6. Quality

The technical quality of the commercials delivered shall be equivalent to a high professional standard.

Commercials delivered that do not comply with a high technical standard will not be approved for broadcast. The Broadcaster has the full right to reject material.

The Adtoox platform is expected to reject files for the most common error conditions before they get distributed to the Broadcasters.

7. Length of commercials

Commercials of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 second length is standard. Shorter commercials than 10 seconds and longer commercials than 60 seconds are only accepted after prior agreement with the Broadcaster's sales department.