Adtoox technical specification for commercials delivered as files

Europe - Sweden

Media format: Radio - Stereo

File format: Broadcast format (wav)

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  1. File format
  2. Audio
  3. Quality
  4. Metadata
  5. Length of commercials

1. File format

The file delivered can only contain a single commercial uniquely identifiable via Copy Code.

The file to be delivered, hereafter called essence file, is the file that contain:

Audio file format

File format WAVE (RIFF) (.wav file)
Codec Uncompressed linear PCM, little endian
Sample size 16 bit

2. Audio

Format Mono-compatible stereo
Audio channel 1 Stereo left track
Audio channel 2 Stereo right track
Sample rate 44.1 kHz

Dual mono (identical stereo channels) is only accepted after prior agreement with the Broadcaster's sales department.

Audio levels

Maximum sample peak 0.0 dBFS
R128 loudness Adtoox quality assurance warns if integrated loudness (I) goes below -24.0 LUFS
R128 loudness: EBU Technical Recommendation R128-2011

The Broadcaster reserves the right to change the commercial's audio level to match it to other programme material.

3. Quality

The technical quality of the commercials delivered shall be equivalent to a high professional standard.

Commercials delivered that do not comply with a high technical standard will not be approved for broadcast. The Broadcaster has the full right to reject material.

The Adtoox platform is expected to reject files for the most common error conditions before they get distributed to the Broadcasters.

4. Metadata

Metadata for the essence file will be present in the Adtoox system before delivery. Metadata provided via the Adtoox system supersedes any information given in the essence file.

5. Length of commercials

The length of the material must not be a fraction of a second, only full (complete) second lengths are accepted. For example, a 10 second commercial is accepted, but a 10.5 second commerical is not.